Frequently Asked Questions

What types of processes do you have in place?

It’s important to us to operate without a ton of layers, but we do have simple processes in place that are designed to move our staff, projects and clientele forward.  Upon kickoff, we will have a discovery session in which we ask 20 or so questions to get to know the brand we’re working on.  From there, we will present a “What we Heard” document to make sure we got it right.  After that, we will take that and whatever briefing documents were provided to us to begin the engagement.  At the same time, the client will be provided with a basic time-line.  We use Trello as our project management tool.  

For engagements involving branding, creative concepting and/or websites, we follow a three round process.  The first round is designed to get something moving.  We will show this to our clients and solicit feedback on what we’ve got right, what we got wrong and what needs improvement.  From there, we will present round 2 and ask for more feedback.  We will present a final version, which still allows for tweaks and then make it final. 

Can you explain your LeadGen process?

We can’t call it proprietary, but we don’t see many other shops doing it the way we do.  We combine all elements of digital marketing such as SEO, Web, E-mail and Social Media marketing and combine it with a strong creative campaign that will get your prospects attention.  From there, we put them through a 6-month pilot program.  

Are you a Creative shop or a Technology shop?

We’re a Creative shop that has technology capabilities.  We believe good creative is what makes the difference in marketing.  We also believe that technology is a must in delivering the message.  It’s largely why we exist.  We saw a void.  Companies were either good at creative or good at technology.  We strive to excel in both.  

What are your typical deliverables?

In regards to branding, clients receive a value proposition presentation, a creative presentation and a brand standards guide that includes art files, fonts, logos, etc.  

In regards to web and digital, clients receive a weekly status report with all the activities we said we’d do and our work alongside them.  Monthly or Quarterly reports are generated to show metrics of success that are agreed upon at the beginning of the engagement.  

What is your preferred type of clientele?

We want to work with good people, that pay us well, that let us do the work.  We’ll settle for two out of three 🙂

What industries do you operate in?

We play extremely well in manufacturing, professional services and retail environments.  We’re more interested in our preferred type of clientele than the industry.  

Can you talk about your pricing?

As we continue to partner with clients of all sizes, we realize no two engagements are the same…and our clients really appreciate that. We add value through general retainers to project-based initiatives and other custom solutions in-between. Let’s discuss your needs and goals and collaborate on a budget and path forward to address them.

Do you do PR?

We do not, but we have a network of contractors we work with. 

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