Blessings In A Backpack

BIAB is a non-profit organization that provides children experiencing food insecurity with a backpack full of food they can eat over the weekend. It’s a powerful mission that understands how nutrition can help kids gain confidence, have more energy, and improve their performance in school and life.

“Love in A Backpack” Campaign

The Problem

In Waukesha County, food insecurity is an unfortunate reality for many kids. Blessings In A Backpack saw a need to raise awareness and help garner donations by shining a light on the problem with a new website and campaign.

The Solution

P&C asked themselves – while we know that the backpacks for kids are full of food, what do the things in the backpack represent? The question sparked the creation of the “Love in a Backpack” theme, a campaign that identified all the things the food represents, bringing deeper meaning to a complex problem.

More Work / Services Provided

Brand Concept and Strategy / Social Media / Website Design

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