The LAK Group

One of the Midwest’s premier human resources consulting companies, The LAK Group translates their decades of experience in the corporate world into powerful and effective leadership development, coaching, outplacement, and talent acquisition programs.

Rebrand / Website Redesign and Development

The Problem

LAK had experienced success – but their culture is not one of complacency. They had added new services and added staff but hadn’t upgraded their brand in years. They had embraced their company symbol – the metronome – but other than that change was in order.

The Solution

P&C conducted branding discussion sessions and landed on a new LAK tagline, “Discover your human advantage.” We developed new language that brought greater meaning to the metronome in that LAK keeps companies in sync and in rhythm. And the updated and more complete new website set them up for greater success in the future.

“Are You Out of Sync?” Campaign

The Problem

In today’s corporate world, professionals and organizations often feel out sync and lacking direction. Their culture suffers, and productivity wanes. It’s a very difficult thing to remedy.

The Solution

LAK offers coaching and leadership development services that transform cultures and help professionals get on the right track. To get across this idea, we created a campaign with broken-up headlines and off-kilter cropped photos to demonstrate being out of sync – and that LAK can help.

“Oriel” Campaign

The Problem

AI technology is permeating nearly every segment of our culture and companies are not immune, needing to find a way AI can help them achieve business goals. But still, there are a lot of unknowns.

The Solution

To help companies and individuals improve their skills, LAK rolled out ORIEL, a powerful AI that augments LAK’s coaching capabilities. ORIEL helps professionals improve presentation and interview skills, along with assisting them in navigating difficult workplace discussions.

More Work / Services Provided

Branding and Strategic Planning / Web Design and Development / Copywriting / Social Media / Photography / PowerPoint Design

“We are focused on building our brand in the region and Pellizzi brings a balance of expertise and a willingness to adapt to our needs to make certain we are delivering results and getting a return on our investment. We have had an amazing experience so far and highly recommend this team.”

Mike Grubich / President, The LAK Group
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