Wave Marine Wire

Badger Wire is a decades-old successful wire manufacturer for numerous industries based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The top brass saw an opportunity to target the marine industry – an industry with special wire needs – and created an offshoot company named Wave Marine Wire. 


The Problem

Wave Marine Wire was a brand-new company and had no brand identity to speak of. They needed something graphic and differentiating to make a splash.

The Solution

P&C created a bold new brand and web page design incorporating blue hues to mirror the feel of water, and utilizing the shape of wire to form the “W” in Wave. 

“Boat Names” Campaign

The Problem

One of Wave Marine’s core audiences is boat sellers and manufacturers. As a new name in the industry, they needed to get their attention with something unique and impactful – in the traditional direct mail format.

The Solution

P&C played up the common theme seen on boats – the unique names painted on the back. We created a series of postcards highlighting how faulty wire on a boat can ruin a good day on the water by changing the names to imply power failure – like “Knot Good” – a big awareness builder for a new company.

More Work / Services Provided

Brand Concept and Strategy / Social Media / Website Design / Direct Mail / Photography

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