About Pellizzi & Co.

Something funny happened on the way to digital transformation. The digital peeps teamed up with the old school ad folks and there was a dramatic shift in how the marketing world looked at agencies. Turns out youthful tech savvy and social media prowess work well alongside the deep creative firepower big agencies overcharge for. This is the new way, paved by Pellizzi & Co. That’s why we’re the small, BIG agency. Small in stature, with big diverse thinking.

The Pellizzi Team. to say we’re Experienced, agile and ambitious only scratches the surface.

James Pellizzi
Matt Herrmann
Creative & Art Director
Nick Pipitone

Creative Director & Copywriter
Ashley Paulson
Operations Manager
Kaylin Hart

Account Coordinator
Grace Lubinski

Jr. Graphic Designer
Brett Wysocki
Web Developer
Jessica Farrell
Digital Media Strategist
Dave Nestigen

scroll over the lines below to find out what we’re into.

Headshot of James PellizziHeadshot of Ashley PaulsonHeadshot of Brett WysockiHeadshot of Grace LubinskiHeadshot of Kaylin Hart
Headshot of Matt HerrmannHeadshot of Nick Pipitone


Lala Land
Top Gun: Maverick
27 Dresses
Back to the Future
Dr. Strangelove


Tikka Masala
Spicy Vodka Pasta
Yogurt Parfait


Ed Sheeran
Lord Huron
Motion City Soundtrack
Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Elvis Costello

Pet Peeve

Teeth Scraping on a Fork
Slow Walkers
Not Moving Forward
Sudden Loud Noises
Poor Communication
Dressing Pets in Human Clothing
Oversized Pickup Trucks

Solving marketing problems is what we do. There’s an 99.8% chance we can solve yours. Shoot us an email. Lets get together over coffee. 
Or a cocktail. Your choice.

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